Vial packaging set: safety for reproductive tissue samples

For many patients, cryopreserved ovarian or testicular tissue represents the last fertility reserve. Consequently, safe storage of such samples is of utmost importance. Cryovials with screw caps and a volume of 1.8 to 2.0 ml are common for cryopreservation and storage of reproductive tissue.

Minitube is offering the "Vial Packaging Set" as secondary packaging for such cryovials. The set contains all components for the safe storage and labeling of up to 15 vials of a patient:
  • 3 aluminum ampoule holders (for 5 vials each)
  • 3 sturdy protective sleeves made of aluminum
  • 16 cryo-resistant, self-sealing labels for marking the vials and, if necessary, for the patient file
  • 3 cable ties for connecting the ampoule holder to the protective sleeve
  • A user-friendly manual

The vial packaging set has an outstanding feature – all major components are labeled with a unique, alphanumeric code. The ampoule holders bear the label on the front surface. In case of the protective sleeves, the code is located near the upper end, in a clearly legible, big font size. Equally, all 16 labels are carrying the code. Minitube documents the codes of all packaging sets, ensuring that each one is assigned only once and stays unique. The labeling makes each vial packaging set unmistakable, and it can easily be linked to patient data and to information on the cryopreservation procedure by the user.

Since cryopreserved samples sometimes need to be stored safely for many years, the protective sleeves of the vial packaging set are made of aluminum and are therefore particularly high-quality and robust. When handled briefly outside a storage tank, they help to keep the temperature low.

Sterile vials for the set are obtained separately by each user according to preference and depending on the requirements of the freezing process.

You too can rely on the proven vial packaging sets from Minitube and thus on maximum safety for your tissue samples!
Vial packaging set: safety for reproductive tissue samples