Vial packaging set for cryostorage of testicular or ovarian biopsies

Ref.: 13493/0015
When freezing reproductive tissue as a fertility reserve, separate packing of the maximum possible number of samples ensures the flexibility you need for obtaining optimum treatment results after thawing. All components of a packaging set are prelabeled with a unique, alphanumerical code, allowing secure and clear identification of the samples.
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Product features

All components needed for packing and storage of 15 cryogenic vials (1.8 – 2.0 ml volume) containing testicular or ovarian biopsies:
  • 3 ampoule holders and 3 protective sheaths, aluminum
  • 15 self-adhesive, cryo-proof labels for labeling of the vials
  • Ampoule holders, protective sheaths and labels with alphanumeric code
  • Non-sterile, packed in a bag
  • Cryogenic vials not included