Portable incubators
Incubators provide a safe transport under constant and optimum conditions for sperm, oocytes, embryos, and reproductive tissue.
Heating systems for microscope stages, warming plates
Minitube microscope heating systems have a longstanding reputation for their excellent technical standard, high accuracy, and uniform temperature distribution.
pH equilibration times in 2 different embryo culture dishes
Minitube 5-well dishes need significantly less pre-incubation time to be ready for use at appropriate media pH and temperature than 4-well dishes of other brands. Similarly, a reduced pH recovery time after transient removal of the dish from an incubator and exposure against ambient atmosphere can be expected.
5-well dish for embryo culture
Minitube’s 5-well dish is produced from material free of Bisphenol A, and designed to facilitate pH equilibration of culture media.
Single use, disposable capillary pipette for collecting oocyte cumulus complexes and for transferring oocytes/embryos between dishes.
Consumables for cryopreservation and storage
  • Straws for cryopreservation: A standard based on safety and experience
  • Packaging sets for cryopreservation: All in one, prelabeled with a unique code
  • Cassettes for storage of straws: Private space for precious samples
  • Goblets and canes: How to maximize space in your storage tank
CryoSealer - Ultrasonic sealer for straws
A perfect tool for reproducible sealing: It is tedious – if possible at all – to verify the tightness of individual straws before starting a cryopreservation procedure. The CryoSealer standardizes most sealing parameters, enabling you to establish a user-independent, consistent process.
First and only system for semiautomatic direct print on lab items. Professionalize your lab process with quick and easy machine readable labeling of lab items.