Proven 5-well dish is available again

After a short break, Minitube is now offering the well-proven 5-well dish again. Our culture dish is made in Germany from high-quality raw materials. After production, each batch undergoes a strict validation process consisting of several steps (mouse embryo test, endotoxin test, bioburden test) before it is released. 
The Minitube 5-well dish offers you several benefits:
  • Large-diameter wells (19 mm, instead of the usual 16 mm) allow easy shallow-angle access with pipetting tools. There is sufficient space for safe and relaxed working.
  • The contact surface between the medium or oil and the gas atmosphere of the incubator is 40% larger as compared to conventional dishes. As a result, equilibration to a stable pH is faster, and pH recovers more quickly.
  • The inner edges of the wells are rounded. Egg cells or embryos are therefore never in a blind spot, but are always clearly visible, even when starting to float in cryoprotectant solutions.
  • The high side walls of the bottom part of the dish are particularly easy to grip and offer sufficient space for clear labeling – to be done easiest by direct printing with our MultiCoder.
The Minitube 5-well dish is particularly suitable for the following applications:
  • Oocyte collection (filled with rinsing medium, the space between the wells can be used to wash the oocyte-cumulus complexes)
  • Cumulus removal (all steps in one dish)
  • Cryopreservation (even with short incubation times, the wide wells, and the fact that the cells can be easily located at all times allow you to work comfortably)
  • Insemination of oocytes (conventional IVF) and embryo culture

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Proven 5-well dish is available again