5-well dish with lid

Ref.: 19021/0001
For inseminating oocytes, embryo culture, cryopreservation and warming procedures; 100/package.
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Product features

  • Numbered wells
  • Mouse embryo assay (MEA) tested
  • LAL tested for endotoxicity
  • Tested for bioburden
  • Sterilized
  • 4/bag

Your benefits

  • Produced from material free of Bisphenol A
  • Wells with rounded edges to prevent oocytes or embryos from hiding
  • All incubation steps for cryopreservation or warming can be conducted within a single dish
  • Space for media between the wells allows for washing steps to be performed
  • Spacers on the lid allow for adequate gas exchange
  • Large well diameter for easier access and faster pH equilibration as compared to traditional 4-well dishes