Hidden champions: Minitube cassettes for cryo-storage

Everyone wants their cryo-storage system for straws or vitrification carriers to be as clear and efficient as possible. The "secondary packaging", i.e., the container surrounding a patient´s straws, plays a crucial role regarding sample safety and the preservation of the viability of gametes or embryos. People tend to use the tried and tested: goblets, aluminum clamps or similar systems.

However, there is a simpler and more modern way: Minitube cassettes structure your cryogenic storage system the perfect way with respect to safety, flexibility, and efficiency.
  • Completely closed to prevent straws from floating; liquid nitrogen can still enter unhindered
  • An integrated lift makes it easy to load and remove straws in a liquid nitrogen bath
  • Transparent walls allow sample identification without opening the cassette
  • The large side surfaces can be easily labeled, or printed directly; triangular cassettes can also be numbered on the front surface
  • Color coding makes it easier to locate samples
  • Two shapes (flat cassette, triangular cassette) in two lengths (14 and 28 cm) offer maximum flexibility in terms of space utilization and the type and number of straws to be stored
  • Aluminum cups inside triangular cassettes (height 53 mm) retain liquid nitrogen during handling - even vitrified samples remain at optimum temperature
  • The "three in one" principle simplifies storage: A long triangular cassette replaces an aluminum cane, one or two goblets and the protective sheath

Due to their shape, cassettes optimize the storage capacity of your cryo-tanks. An example: the 65 mm canister of a storage tank takes 30% more triangular cassettes than aluminum canes surrounded by protective sheaths. Using a goblet lift and two 65 mm goblets, two layers of short flat or triangular cassettes can be stacked on top of each other.

Flat cassettes, long
Flat cassettes, short
Triangular cassettes, long
Triangular cassettes, short

Take advantage of our storage cassettes and bring new structure to your storage system! We would be happy to advise you or provide you with samples. 
Hidden champions: Minitube cassettes for cryo-storage