Triangular cassette, short, green

Ref.: 16981/01201
Storage system for straws, 1 integrated aluminum cup; 50/package.
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Product features

  • Available in 6 colors for easy identification
  • Capacity: 20 straws 66.5 mm / 25 straws 0.25 ml (133 mm) / 10 straws 0.5 ml (133 mm)

Your benefits

  • Completely closed to prevent floating of straws
  • Integrated lift for easy loading and removal of straws
  • Optimum temperature stability: aluminum cups inside triangular cassettes retain liquid nitrogen during handling
  • Transparent walls ensuring optimum visibility of contents
  • Large side areas for easy labeling, triangular cassettes can also be labeled on top
  • Three in one: a triangular cassette replaces aluminum cane, goblets, and protective sheath
  • Better utilization of canister space as compared to other storage systems