Webinar MultiCoder: print it like magic

End of March Paul Gassner, Head of Human Division and Tammo Buss, Product Manager at Minitube hosted a practice-oriented webinar featuring the MultiCoder, a robust printer, which was specifically designed for rapid labeling of almost every shape and size of lab container.

In A.R.T. laboratories, it is a fundamental principle to label all dishes, tubes, straws etc. containing gametes or embryos in a way excluding mix-ups. However, there are some down-sides of labeling as done today: space on some containers is very limited – often we would like to add more information than possible. Readability of handwriting can be challenging while labeling with adhesive labels takes several steps and may involve the risk of embryotoxic VOC emissions.

With the MultiCoder, Minitube is offering a new, smart, and unique alternative to the traditional ways of labeling which was presented during this webinar.

After a compact presentation on the printer´s features and benefits, the participants got a short introduction into the software functions and noticed how intuitive it is to use. The highlight of the webinar was a practical demonstration of the printer, showing that using the MultiCoder to label almost every kind of labware is easy and straightforward. Whether it is a Petri dish, a centrifuge tube, a straw, a vial, or a cassette: the MultiCoder will print it like magic – noiseless, within seconds, and without having to type in the print data beforehand.

The Q&A session at the end of the webinar answered interesting questions such as data privacy. Data are safe when using the MultiCoder since the printer software is not storing any patient information.
Webinar MultiCoder: print it like magic