Reinvention of a classic: HTi control units

Oocytes and embryos should continuously be kept at 37°C when being handled outside the incubator, and optimum sperm analysis is always performed at a defined temperature. The Minitube control units of the HT and SC series made this possible for decades. They supported and continue to support tens of thousands of A.R.T. treatment cycles by precisely maintaining microscope stages and warming plates at the preset temperature. In terms of reliability and robustness, they are legendary. 

The technology of our control units has been continuously adapted to the state of the art, but now it is time for a fundamental generation change: the classic controllers are being replaced by the completely new HTi series.
The new HTi control units offer you various advantages:
  • Simple and clear: one control unit for all microscope stages, heated insert plates and warming plates; the variants differ only in the number of channels (1, 2 or 4 depending on the number of connected heating systems)
  • Significantly smaller footprint (155 x 100 x 150 mm, W x H x D)
  • Intuitive operation via a color touchscreen (4.3") with graphically animated user guidance
  • Control range: ambient temperature up to 55°C
  • High control accuracy of ± 0.1°C
  • Temperature alarm with adjustable limits; optical and (optional) acoustic warning in case of deviation from the target range
  • Logging function for the temperature (intervals can be set; data can be exported via the supplied SD card)
  • Improved design of the temperature sensors for increased control accuracy

Do you want to heat your new or existing microscope, or replace an old Minitube controller? Request an offer from us! 
Reinvention of a classic: HTi control units