How your biological samples travel safely

Do you want to transport sperm, oocytes, testicular or ovarian tissue in tubes safely and at a stable temperature? Then the portable incubator is the ideal solution! It offers you the following benefits:
Simple and intuitive operation
The temperature is fixed at 37°C (other temperatures on request) and is maintained precisely. An LED display gives you quick feedback as to whether the temperature of the incubator is within the target range. Its cylindrical aluminum interior is easy to clean and is filled with stainless steel balls that keep each tube stable in position regardless of its size and ensure good heat transfer. The ball filling can be sterilized if necessary and is also available separately for replacement.
Flexible energy supply
The portable incubator can be flexibly adapted to different energy sources using mains adapters. It can be operated with 110 or 230 V mains voltage as well as with the 12 V on-board power supply of a car. A portable battery pack is available as an accessory, allowing you to operate the incubator for up to 12 hours independently. Wherever you are - a usable power source is always nearby.
For longer journeys: everything compactly stowed in the transport kit
For transportation over longer distances, Minitube offers the compact transport kit for tubes and vials. It combines the portable incubator in a robust transport box with a battery (20 hours operating time) and a charging module.
Technical data of the portable incubator
  • Outer diameter 130 mm, total height 265 mm
  • Inner chamber: diameter 60 mm, height 145 mm
  • Temperature stability: ± 0.5 °C, cooling rate without power supply approx. 1 °C/10 min
  • Weight: incubator 2.2 kg
  • No CO2 gassing (i.e. transportation of samples in tightly sealed tubes)

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How your biological samples travel safely