MultiCoder: labeling, as if by magic

Reliable sample identification in the IVF, andrology or cryopreservation lab is based on clear, legible labeling of all containers used to culture or store gametes and embryos. Until now, the ideal technology for this has been lacking. Hand labeling is still common but can be illegible. Marking with an adhesive label requires three steps (typing, printing, affixing) and many dishes are too small or flat to fit the common label formats. In addition, adhesives often contain volatile, embryotoxic substances (VOC).

Minitube's MultiCoder revolutionizes the labeling technology in IVF – it prints patient data directly onto almost all types of dishes, tubes, straws, cassettes, and goblets within seconds. It is extremely easy to use. First you configure your print templates in the intuitive software and save them once for future use. Then you import patient data - the rest runs almost automatically. 
The MultiCoder offers you countless advantages:
  • High-resolution, quick-drying, silent inkjet printing
  • Abrasion and cryo-resistant print
  • MediTEX interface for error-free data import without storing patient data in the printer software; alternatively, patient data can be uploaded from Excel files
  • Magnetic carriers for dishes, tubes, straws, etc. can be changed within seconds and without using tools
  • Clear labeling of dishes on the outside of the bottom part in mirror writing or on the side of the bottom part
  • Simultaneous printing of several straws of a patient
  • Automatic time or date stamp, automatic numbering
  • Printing of QR codes, barcode 128, logos
  • All containers remain closed during printing
  • Low space requirements, maintenance-free hardware, low running costs

The MultiCoder labels faster than by hand, accommodates more information in a clearly legible manner and minimizes transmission errors.

Talk to us about how you can use this innovative device in your laboratory to improve safety and quality! 
MultiCoder: labeling, as if by magic