Introducing LifeM antivibration tables: ICSI, bedded on clouds

Microinjection of sperm (ICSI) and embryo biopsy are among the most technically demanding activities in the IVF laboratory. Here, even the smallest gain in stability and working comfort counts. It pays off every day when everything runs smoothly. Intrusions of shocks and vibrations can be especially frustrating as they occur spontaneously and can't be easily mitigated.  This is why an antivibration table becomes an indispensable part of every ICSI workplace.

Traditionally, effective antivibration tables are often real heavyweights. However, it's worth noting that it doesn't have to be this way. LifeM antivibration tables, a brand exclusively distributed in Germany by Minitube, provide the ultimate in vibration control. They are designed to be easily dismantled and transported, ensuring that convenience and portability go hand in hand with their exceptional performance.
Your benefits
  • Optimum anti-vibration properties, the damping insert is mechanically isolated from the surrounding table plate, carrying the microscope only 
  • The standard version features passive vibration damping with a rapid response time (< 0.3 seconds)
  • The active version for challenging environment (cavity floors, proximity to major roads or railroad lines) utilizes vibration sensors and electrical actuators for ultra-fast response times of less than 0.1 seconds
  • If necessary, you can easily exchange the passive anti-vibration insert for the active one
  • Ample legroom under the tabletop thanks to the low height of the anti-vibration insert ensures unrestricted movement during your work
  • Table top with 80 cm depth maximizes your workspace
  • A wide range of accessories improves your working comfort, including a monitor holder, a cable compartment with 8 sockets, a pull-out keyboard shelf, and electric height adjustment
  • The antivibration tables are designed to easily combine with the LABOX FBB-R laminar flow "canopy”, allowing for ICSI procedures to be carried out under clean room conditions without spatial constrictions
Technical data
  • Dimensions: 110 x 80 x 75 cm (W x D x H)
  • Antivibration insert: 32 x 65 cm (W x D)
  • Load capacity of the antivibration insert 15 to 75 kg

Discover the future of vibration control and workspace optimization with LifeM antivibration tables – where precision meets comfort. Ask us for details and offers!
Introducing LifeM antivibration tables: ICSI, bedded on clouds