Easy and safe handling of oocytes and embryos

Are you looking for a pipetting tool, easy and safe to use for collecting oocyte-cumulus complexes and for transferring oocytes or embryos between dishes? And not too expensive? Then the Minitube Steripette is exactly what you need!

Our handling capillaries are individually packed, sterile and tested for embryotoxicity, endotoxins and bioburden. Oocytes or embryos cannot be lost due to capillary breakage because the Steripette is made of elastic, unbreakable plastic. This also prevents the capillary from scraping plastic particles from the bottom of the culture dish that adhere to the zona pellucida.

The Steripette is easy to use, it is attached to a non-toxic 1 ml syringe for volume control. This accessory is commonly used by every IVF lab for embryo transfer.
Technical characteristics:
  • Free capillary length 40 mm
  • Total length 60 mm
  • Capillary outer diameter 1.4 mm
  • Capillary inner diameter 1.0 mm
  • Capillary volume 40 µl
  • ETO sterilized

After moving the production machines to the new, spacious cleanroom of our Slovakian subsidiary, the Steripette is always in stock at Minitube. This handy tool is cheaper than you think - ask us for a quote or request free samples.
Easy and safe handling of oocytes and embryos