MVE Vapor Shipper SC 2/1 V

Ref.: 16502/2001
Liquid nitrogen capacity 1.5 liters; designed for safe transportation of biological samples at cryogenic (-150°C or colder) temperatures.
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The SC Vapor series dewar is a vacuum insulated aluminum container with fiberglass neck construction providing the highest efficiency possible in nitrogen vapor storage.

MVE vapor shippers employ a hydrophobic absorbent material which fully charges with liquid nitrogen in only 2 hours, ensuring dry and spill-free vapor-phase shipping.

Product features

  • 1 canister 127 x 31 mm
  • Static holding time: 8 days
  • Static evaporation rate: 0.19 l/day
  • Neck opening: 35 mm
  • Height: 343 mm
  • O.D.: 184 mm
  • Weight empty: 2.6 kg
  • Weight charged: 3.6 kg